From head to toes

Doxie Limo Dog Spa offers a full range of grooming services to keep our best fur friends looking their best.


Premium Grooming

Includes high quality natural shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaning, nail trimming, pads cleaning, anal gland check, hair brushing, and hair styling


Toy and small breeds (up to 20lbs):  $65 ~ $75

Medium breeds (up to 40lbs) : $75 ~ $90

Large breeds (up to 50lbs): $95 and up

A La Carte Service:

Special shampoo $5

Anal gland check $10


Ear cleaning $10

Nail filing $5

Nail trimming $10-$20

Face trim $10

Feet trim $10

Groin area clean up $10

Brushing & combing (15 minutes) $15

Bath & Brush $45 and up

Tidy up trim (face, pads, groin area, nail trim) $30 ~ $40


Grooming prices are dependent on breed, size, hair style, coat condition and temperament. 

* We love all pets but we do limit accepting large breeds like Shepherds and Huskies. 

* For feline clients we only offer nails trimming service.